Eminence is a handmade organic skin care line from Hungary, which is a leader within the professional skin care industry. It was created over 50 years ago in a small village where there were generations of knowledge for medicinal uses of plants. Hand-farmed using only natural fertilizers and insect repellants and handmade without any harsh chemicals or preservatives, Eminence offers a pure and results-oriented collection of product that has something for everyone. Eminence utilizes the power of probiotics, potent herbs, fruits, and vegetables with its plant-based stem cells, enzymes, AHAs, BHAs, and natural but highly effective alternatives to retinol and hydroquinone.

Eminence Forests for the Future

The company itself is charitable and a proud supporter of numerous non-profit organizations. They also encourage green practices and have started a Forests for the Future initiative.

The Power of a Single Tree:
Produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year.
Absorbs as much carbon in a year as a car produces driving 26,000 miles.
Helps lower air temperature and helps prevent climate change.
Stabilizes the soil and prevents wind and soil erosion through its roots.
Contributes to the fertility of the land through nitrogen fixation and increasing water penetration.
Aqua Wellness Day Spa is an authorized Eminence distributor.

Victoria’s Lavender

“The Mission of Victoria’s Lavender is to provide pure and natural ingredients in quality products that are beneficial to the body and soothing to the soul. We work hard at creating lavender products that are innovative, high in quality as well as attractive.”

Victoria’s Lavender has its roots in the rapidly growing wine country in Oregon. The business grew out of a dream to use the property her husband and she had purchased to build their home on and use for his landscape business . But shortly after, Troy was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, an incurable and fatal illness. After an extraordinary 4-year battle with this vicious disease, he died at the age of 36.

Victoria’s Story

During Troy’s illness she was unrelenting in her study of natural alternatives since traditional medicine had nothing to offer. She had learned to respect the natural products around her, and strive to use only toxin-free products whenever possible.

She has been delighted at the phenomenal response that her products have received. And thrilled to be able to work from home and raise their daughter, Victoria, as well as being able to employ other stay-at-home Moms. She is so humbly thankful to live and work in such a beautiful place, and to carry out their dream.

Striving for loveliness both inside and out,

We are so grateful to have found Victoria’s Lavender and be apart of the legacy of this family, company and beautiful product line.

Newly released book tells story behind the creation of Victoria’s Lavender.


Seven years ago, we revolutionized the way to prepare vital and fresh water at home. Following age-old traditions, we created gemstone vials to hygienically inspirit drinking water. Our vision now and then is to provide you with homemade, natural gemwater like fresh from the spring!

VitaJuwel gem vials are made from lead-free glass and hand-picked gems. We offer several different gem blends, tested by naturopaths and based on the insights of modern crystal healing. Their scientifically proven efficiency make them an essential accessory in health-seeking households worldwide.

All of our products are designed with devotion in the German alpine uplands, tested by friends all over the world and traditionally hand-crafted in a patented, artisanal method by master glassblowers in Bohemia.

Mimi & Lu’s

Mimi & Lu was named after Michelle, her husband Michael and their great late dane Lucca. In 2013, Michelle and Michael had an addition to their family when their son, Parker, was born.  Mimi & Lu’s design studio is based in downtown San Diego where they produce, by hand, jewelry for stores across the country and internationally. Distinct designs with a touch of whimsy, Mimi & Lu is playfully chic.


Oka-B is more than a shoe, it’s a lifestyle.  At Oka-B, we believe fashion and comfort should never be  mutually exclusive.  Look effortlessly chic while running through the airport in our sandals.  Conquer the boardroom or the PTA meeting in our flats and wedges.  Explore new wonders in our flops flips.

Vital Body

A soothing, quick absorbing cream specially formulated with a blend of pain and inflammation relieving herbs that work synergistically with high-potency CBD to bring relief exactly where you need it. The cooling menthol also works to calm the over-active pain signals so that your body can be restored to a place of ease. Aaahhh…


From the start, we’ve believed people deserve more from their body care. We’ve believed in the power of natural ingredients to nourish your skin, and the power of crafted fragrances to uplift your mood. And we’ve always believed that a relaxing, peaceful moment caring for your body and mind is time very well spent. In this hectic world of ours, a fantastic body care experience can do more than serve a purpose–– it can make your day.

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